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A Round of Applause...

Here at Blew we are very excited for the future!  With our 1 year anniversary just around the corner, we are ecstatic to see how much we have grown and expanded.   Marc and Courtney have been Rockin ‘n’ Rollin and we are very excited to announce that our Master Hairstylist, Kristine Livolsi, will be opening up her schedule a little more.  She will now be here Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays!  Kristine is very excited to get back to her natural groove and to be a stronger part of the Blew Crew.  For anyone interested in booking an appointment with her, give us a call!  You’ll fall in love, organically!


Call today at 203-874-2360 and ask for Kristine!

Summer Hair Care

How to out shine the sun; follow these tips. 


As much as we love summer, summer isn’t always our friend. From the sunshine, to the chlorine, to the humidity; our hair is being damage throughout the season. Follow these tips and you will have gorgeous healthy hair once fall starts.

1)  Make sure you have a good conditioner! With the brutal summer heat, your hair is bound to dry out. Give your hair some love in the shower and buy a nice moisturizing conditioner. A great conditioner that we carry in the salon is the Moisture Conditioner by Biomega. This conditioner is great because it helps with frizzy damaged hair and gives it a healthy shine afterwards.

2) When going swimming in the pool try putting a leave-in conditioner in your hair. This is a good way to protect your hair because your spongy locks are soaking in the chemicals and drying it out.  

3)Try going for a natural beachy wave look this summer. With the harsh heat your hair doesn’t need any more heat added to it. Leave the blow dryer and all the heating tools out of your routine this season, and try our Aquage Sea Salt Texturizing spray.

4) Last but not least remember your ends; they need some TLC as well. With all the damage it’s being put through your ends will split a lot quicker. Trim them every 8 weeks so at the end of the summer you have beautiful luscious hair.  

Here at Blew we carry many products that can help you throughout this season. One of our product brands, Aquage has a line called SeaExtend which has a Thermal-V Complex and this helps block out heat and with the sun beating down onto you these products will help you out.  One of the products, the Silkening Oil treatment, is a great little pick me up for your hair. It helps restores moisture and gives you a nice shine; it’s also locks in your color for a longer lasting result. 

Come in Blew today to get your essential products for this summer. 

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// A Melting trend //

Here at Blew we are loving this new trend. It brightens up your face and its a very low maintenance look. Many celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Biel are obsessed with this look. Very similar to the ombre, which was a hot rage a year ago, your roots are darker and look grown in and has a more of a subtle highlights.  

We are so excited about this look so be sure to make an appointment with either Marc or Courtney. Call us at 203-874-2360

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// Blew Pin of the Week //

Start the new year with the 2014 trendiest hair style. Short and sassy is what its all about this year.  


We are loving these new short hair cuts. Call us as soon as possible to make your appointment. 203-874-2360

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// Blew Pin of the Week //

We are just loving these ombre tousled waves with the ultra trendy braid!

Marc & Courtney are dying to replicate this style! Book an appointment today! 203.874.2360 !

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